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The Feathered Nest at Windy Corner

Welcome to my Feathered Nest, a showcase for the beautiful things I fashion from materials grown and gathered here in Bishop Hill. After many years of flower farming I found my bliss in this tiny tourist town. It is bounded in every direction by miles of beautiful farm fields and is the inspiration and the source of the materials I use to create my delicate works of art. My studio is open by appointment to guests interested in my silhouettes, everlasting floral arrangements, and exquisitely decorated eggs. To see the current selection of items available to purchase online, please visit my shop on

Extraordinary Egg Art

Decorating eggs has been a lifelong passion. Over the years I have become best known for my hand wrought Victorian Lace Eggs. To cut such fine details on eggshells I use a high speed drill to carve designs reminiscent of fine vintage lace. Each egg is a wonder of nature, a rare and beautiful work of art. My Nest brims with carved, etched, and marbled egg ornaments for every season and occasion. I accept commissions and encourage clients to email design requests and suggestions. Click the carved egg photo at right to view more egg samples. See how they are created in a short video here. For a detailed list of egg photos, descriptions, and the prices of my most popular egg designs, click here.

Silhouettes Hand Drawn and cut from life or photo

In the tradition of the great profile paper artists of the nineteenth century, I employ a camera obscura (a simple box camera) to record perfect likenesses of my clients. This device allows me to faithfully draw a true and accurate profile of any subject. I cut this profile sketch from the finest imported French silhouette paper and mount it on card stock. Framing is available by request. An “instant heirloom” can be created as my subject watches and waits!

For folks unable to visit Bishop Hill, I design and cut silhouettes from photographs provided by my clients. Click for samples, prices, and a detailed description illustrating the best way to take and send subject photos.

The Feathered Nest At Windy Corner
Beth Magnuson, owner and proprietor
Located three blocks west of the Village Park
Across from the Colony School at
508 W. Main Street • PO Box 185 • Bishop Hill, IL 61419
309-927-3033 / etsy shop / email / blog / YouTube
Please call ahead; open by appointment


Enchantment awaits you behind every door and window. Visit and be renewed by our ageless utopia.
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