Bishop Hill Events Calendar

November 28 To November 29
Christmas Cookie Walk

Held at the Colony School Friday and Saturday from 9am-4pm. Local elves make cookies that are sure to please everyone.

November 28 To November 30
Christmas Market - Julmarknad

Swedish traditions come alive with folk characters causing mischief throughout the village. Music and the smell of food fills the air. Shops are filled with handmade items, antiques, folk art, and other gift items. 10am-5pm read more

December 05 To December 06
Chocolate Walk

Held at the new Arts Council Welcome Center. Many Chocolate treats will be available for you to enjoy. Friday and Saturday from 9am-4pm.

December 06 To December 07
Christmas Market - Julmarknad

This is the second week of the Christmas Market. Shopping for the gift items continues and the music and food is just as tantalizing. 10am-5pm read more

December 12 To December 13
Lucia Nights - Festival of Lights

Coffee and sweets are served in shops and museums by young girls dressed as St. Lucia. Musical entertainment fills the air throughout the village. 6pm-9pm
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December 25
Julotta - Candlelight Non-Denominational Church Service

Services are held in the Colony Church and conducted in Swedish and English. Coffee and rusk served following the service. 6am.